We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ferron, from Gestion Authentique, at one of his seminars held on the 4th and 5th of June, 2014. It was during this weekend that our eyes were opened widely as to how much energy can be wasted trying to change worker’s behavior instead of first going to the root of the problem, by implementing an effective management system. Through his training, we inevitably came to the conclusion that health and safety can indeed be simple, if it’s well managed.


We particularly appreciated Mr. Ferron’s use of easy to understand language and concepts in his approach, as well as his use of personal stories to make his message stick. Having been able to share experiences with professionals from various other fields and backgrounds allowed for interesting exchanges, and greatly enhanced the learning experience. In addition, the auto-evaluations completed throughout the training were very pertinent, for they allowed us to properly evaluate our own health and safety management at BRP.


The registration fee should not be a deterrent, for we have found that the quality of the training, and the tools and documentation received, guarantee a positive return on your initial investment. We even anticipate inviting Mr. Ferron to our headquarters in order to present his program to our senior management.


We highly recommend the services provided by Gestion Authentique to anyone wanting to improve health and safety in their organisation.


Mister Ferron,


On behalf of the Québec Association for Occupational Hygiene, Health and Safety (AQHSST), on behalf of its members, and of its personnel, I would sincerely like to thank you for your participation as a speaker at the Association’s Annual Congress, held at Beaupré on May 9th,2014.


Your involvement in this activity more than accomplished the mandate given to the AQHSSST’s board of directors by the members of our Association; to raise the level of awareness of those present at your conference. We hope that, for you also, M.Ferron, this experience has been an enriching one, both professionally as well as personally.


We strongly desire to stay in contact with you and continue our working relationship, in whatever capacity that may be, within our Association, since it is only through the generosity of volunteer workers like yourself that the knowledge of our field can be extended to more people.


We wish you all the success that you deserve, Mister Ferron. Please accept our heartfelt acknowledgements and continued friendship.


Amélie Trudel

Présidente de l’AQHSST


To whom it may concern,


I would like to speak about my appreciation of having attended a seminar on Health and Safety management recently given by Marc-André Ferron.


I would highly recommend this training to all managers and employees involved in Health and Safety Management. The interactive method used by Marc-André Ferron allows for the de-mystification of Health and Safety management.


This seminar helped to define precisely the roles and responsibilities of all members of the organisation, especially concerning diligence and performance. The learning technique based on the theory of 20% effort giving 80% results leads us to a re-evaluation of our priorities concerning Health and Safety implementation. In addition, the DiagnoSSTic analysis tool allows for accurately measuring the speed of the implementation process while comparing it to the norms already in place. This permits us to be able to identify the places the most in need of changes for the future.


From a more personal viewpoint, I realised that managing Health and Safety and the Environment need not be complex to be effective. The more it is integrated into the daily routines at the workplace of our employees and managers, the better the results will be.


An excellent seminar in every way and I highly recommend it to all!


We met Marc-André Ferron from Authentic Management during a seminar he gave in Trois- Rivières on the 29th and 30th of October, 2014. This training will help us improve our overall vision of Health and Safety within our factories in Québec. In working with a more effective integrated management system, we can better improve our Health and Safety approach towards every member of our organisation. This seminar helped us to realise that Health and Safety can be simple, as long as it is properly managed.


We particularly enjoyed M. Ferron’s way of simplifying important concepts and ideas and the way he related passionately his own personal experiences in order to help us better understand his teachings. Sharing with many other professionals from different fields of expertise added extra value and interest to the seminar. In addition, completing the pertinent auto-evaluations throughout the training allowed us to properly analyse our own Health and Safety management at Bonduelle Québec.


We all agree that the quality of the notions taught to us, as well as the tools and documentation received will bring an excellent return on our initial investment. Moreover, the presence of such an experienced managing trainer allowed us to raise our level of understanding in the field of Health and Safety. The act of enumerating the different roles and responsibilities on every level of the hierarchy of an organisation revealed to us that not only does every individual have a role to play in Health and Safety, but that they are all key players in making it of the highest priority.  


We, therefore, highly recommend the services of Authentic Management to anyone wishing to improve Health and Safety within their organisation.

Kruger Energie

To whom it may concern


A few months ago, we met Marc-André during an audit he was commissioned to perform concerning Lockouts at one of our sites. After the completion of this first mandate, Marc-André took charge of orientating us in improving the management of our Health and Safety program.


We decided to continue, under his direction, to improve the management of Health and Safety throughout our installations. The services of Marc-André were invaluable during this process in the following mandates:

  • The accomplishment of managing and diagnostic audits on Health and Safety at the majority of our sites (English and French)
  • The training and coaching of our managers
  • The recommendations of corrective measures and their implementation
  • The support and strategic planning of our resources
  • The necessary aid in putting in place an effective managing system (written procedures, internal auditing systems, communication systems, etc.)
  • Several other precise mandate supports for our managing team


Marc-André has developed high-level competences in the field of Health and Safety and we would not hesitate to call upon his expertise in our ongoing goal to improve Health and Safety standards in our organisation.


We would, therefore highly and unhesitantly recommend his services.

Erivan Gecom inc.

To whom it may concern


Erivan Gecom Inc. is a company evolving in the field of Telecommunications, more specifically in the installation of towers and antennas for cell phone services for companies such as Bell, Telus, Rogers and others.


Our growing preoccupation with prevention and reasonable diligence led us to the conclusion that our company needed re-orientation in regards to its policies concerning Health and Safety. It is in this context that we decided to use the services of Mister Ferron.


After a brief meeting, Mister Ferron was able to target our principal needs in Health and Safety, even though Telecommunications was not his usual field of intervention.


Within only a few days, he was able to properly ascertain an accurate diagnostic of our organisation, as well as propose solutions that were at the same time simple, rapid and realistic. In addition, he was able to raise the level of awareness of our employees to the different Health and Safety challenges, by using easy to understand language to explain ideas that could be considerably complex.


We will continue to call upon the expertise and coaching of Mister Ferron whenever we feel the need to support and expand upon the resolution of the different problems as they arise within our managing team. His dynamic personality, his authenticity and his marked interest in the attainment of our goals makes him an ideal business partner.



Eric Lajeunesse

Resolu Produits forestiers

To whom it may concern


During a  period of several months, we used the services of Authentic Management in order to complete a corporate audit on the application of our Health and Safety management system within one of our Pulp and Paper Mills in Québec.


Even though he was not fully aware of our specific needs in management or auditing, M. Ferron was rapidly able to understand and complete his mandate according to our corporate expectations.


In addition, his communication skills and listening capacities allowed him to create a spirit of trust between himself and those being audited, managers as well as employees, and he was able to communicate his assessments using easy to understand language in the necessary time frame.


The Resolu Forest Products Company possesses around 13 Pulp and Paper Mills and 18 Wood Products Facilities throughout Quebec and Ontario, as well as 8 factories in the United States. Our company is recognized as a leader in Health and Safety performance, with a recorded OSHA injury level of 1.0 and less in 2013. In this optic, we will consider retaining the services of Authentic Management in future dates for other specific corporative or factory needs, as we feel strongly about the value and professionalism of the services thus far rendered.



Dominic Leroux, Health and Safety Corporate Director-Canada

PV Groupe Concept

To whom it may concern


During a period of several months, we got to know M. Marc-André Ferron and used the services of Authentic Management. Our needs at that time were comprised of reorientating and improving the management of Health and Safety within our organisation.


At our very first meeting, M. Ferron assured us that he would use the principals of 20% efforts, 80% results. He also informed us that he would be able to simplify the procedures, apply them with ease and guaranteed quick results.


Several weeks later, it’s with unmitigated pleasure that we were able to witness the truth of his words. He knew how to collaborate with the members of our team in order to attain the objectives put forth within the necessary time frame.


In addition to being highly effective, M. Ferron is also dynamic, a good listener and willing to exchange ideas with his clients using an open mind.


We are convinced that the investment of his services will pay off quickly and would not hesitate to retain his services again at a future date, if the need arises.


I would encourage you in a moment’s notice to retain the services of Authentic Management, and would be confident of your success.



Yanik Alaire

CEO Groupe Concept P.V. Inc.