DiagnOHStic Tool

The DiagnOHStic tool allows users to assess their level of control over the main strategic elements with regard to managing occupational health and safety. Its content is based on the three fundamental duties of managers regarding health and safety management: foresight, effectiveness, and authority.

These three fundamental duties make up each section of the tool, which is used for theory, as well as self-evaluation. A total of 35 fact sheets examine subjects such as:

  • risk analysis,
  • legal compliance,
  • performance indicators,
  • behavioural approach,
  • audit systems implementation,
  • disciplinary measures and much more.

The ultimate objective is that each manager or organization can self-evaluate and implement a 20-80 strategy, which is based on the 20% of efforts that produce 80% of the results.


In this book:
Section 1 – The Duty of Foresight

This section examines risk analysis, legal compliance, occupational health and safety policies, goals, the 20-80 strategy, health risks, mobilization, employee representatives, change management and leadership in the matter of health and safety.

Section 2 – The Duty of Effectiveness

This section examines performance indicators, hierarchy of effectiveness in risk management, internal and external audits, accident investigations and analyses, lockout, confined spaces, preventive observation, training, OHS welcome, documentation, communication and promotion, managing corrective and preventive measures, management review, costs, emergency measures, changes to procedure, managing sub-contractors, inspections and personal protection equipment.

Section 3 – The Duty of Authority

This section examines health and safety regulations, disciplinary measures and their policies, roles and responsibilities, links with the authorities and reasonable diligence.

DiagnOHStic Tool

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