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Managing health and safety

This book, with its sometimes disconcerting simplicity, proves that health and safety, a serious and seemingly complex subject, can be simply and effectively managed.

Its simple, unpretentious and easy-to-read story will help you discover how to apply the Pareto principle (20% of effort, 80% of results) in your prevention management. It contains many

  • examples,
  • cases,
  • awakenings,
  • tips,
  • advice

that are based on real life situations from the author's own experience to help you avoid a lot of headaches on your road to success.

In its pages, you will find clear methods:

  • to protect your employees,
  • avoid injuries
  • maximize your health and safety investments

while showing due diligence through an understanding of your health and safety obligations.

Say good-bye to the burden of improvised management and welcome a simple, strategic management style that works. 


In this book:
Chapter 1 - Early Days

This chapter contains many stories illustrating the ramifications of not having a strategy for health and safety management.

Chapter 2 – My First Real Job in Prevention

Chapter 2 presents an organization that put a tremendous amount of effort into prevention with very little success, narrowly avoiding disaster on two occasions. These events resulted in three wake-up calls that are discussed in subsequent chapters.

Chapter 3 – The Duty of Foresight

Implementing a strategy based on the 20% of efforts that produce 80% of the results starts here. Through these lines, you gain an understanding of the importance of risk analysis and managing legal compliance. This is where you prepare your game plan.

Chapter 4 – The Duty of Effectiveness

Chapter 4 stresses the importance of every prevention activity within the organization, and the importance of measuring and controlling these activities.

Chapter 5 – The Duty of Authority

The duty of authority is the last duty presented to the reader in this story. This section helps the reader understand the logic and importance of these requirements, as well as their application. The principles of accountability are discussed, and performance and diligence in the matter of prevention are paralleled.

Get the best... prevent the worst

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